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Fifteen Seconds

Even 15 seconds is a memory forever...

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Welcome to Fifteen Seconds, a community for viewing, sharing and requesting of anything and everything related to the japanese drama Sapuri.

Please follow the rules and have fun!


1. Post! Fangirling over anything related to the drama is welcome here.

2. Please keep spoilers and large graphics (any bigger than 400px), under an LJ-cut or use thumbnails. (Instructions on how to do an lj-cut here.)

3. Graphics, scans, screenshots, etc are welcome and appreciated as long as they're somehow Sapuri related.

4. Fanfiction is awesome and encouraged.

5. Be considerate of others. Don't put others down if you don't like their work, but comments are always appreciated.

6. Feel free to request episodes or things related to the show, but be courteous about it.

7. Respect your mods please. ^_^

Feel free to show your support of this community by linking back with a banner.

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